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Chocolatier Joann Hofer was first exposed to her elaborate craft while living in Austria with her family. With a background in painting, she quickly recognized chocolate making as its own art form, a medium that eventually led her to open Xchocol'Art, a storefront in a romantic narrow alley off Main Street in Carmel's Art & Design District. Hofer fills the glass case of her contemporary-chic store with Award Winning

 creations like Whiskey Truffles, Blueberry Truffles, and Passion Fruit Caramels.

Art never tasted so good.

228 W. Main St. Carmel, IN

Some reviews...

Your chocolate art is BEYOND!
Dear Joann, My colleagues and I were in town for a business trip and we stumbled across your shop in Carmel, IN. Your husband was nice enough to pause his painting and introduce us to something amazing. I have NEVER seen nor tasted such perfection in chocolate or food in general. You have created something that few have seen in my part of the country (East Coast). Your delicacies are beautiful and delicious and pleasing to all five senses. Few things in life are like that. I hope for an early winter so that I may order from you as soon as possible. Sincerely, Mr. Carlton​


Handcrafted - Artistic- Delicious- this shop is an amazing example of the best America has to offer. Don’t hesitate to order! -Mr Wolfkill